Hi, I’m Scott Wolfson, the owner of Florida Sun Studios and the host of “LIVE FROM FSS!” LIVE FROM FSS is an online show we broadcast every Thursday at 11am EST on the Florida Sun Studios Facebook page.

LIVE FROM FSS is the PROFESSIONAL PLATFORM we extend to those interested in hosting their own show, promoting their unique brand and business, and getting their message out there! The show includes useful tips and techniques you can use in your own show. We take you behind the scenes in our productions, interview industry leading experts in their respective fields, cover current events and breaking news, and the latest in live internet streaming!


Florida Sun Studios NOW offers Facebook Live and YouTube Live show productions!
We give you all the bells and whistles you’re accustomed to seeing on television everyday…Everything from multiple camera angles, in studio guests, remote Skype video calls, graphics, titles and much, much more!

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LIVE FROM FSS is the complete professional turnkey solution for live and recorded video production! Florida Sun Studios services all the major news/sports networks (Fox News, CNN, ESPN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) FSS has three studio sets, the largest of which is a green screen studio. FSS is also a full service video production studio offering the following services: commericals, corporate vidoes, internet shows (Facebook Live and YouTube Live), webcasting, and anything and everything that can be filmed against a green screen!

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(just to name a few)

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For more information about the “LIVE FROM FSS” platform, visit our facebook page. Become a fan of our page by clicking the “like” button on Facebook ! To book the studio for your next upcoming production send us an email at: We look forward to hearing from you as we go “LIVE FROM FSS!”

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